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Ugly Sweater Saturday

Ugly Christmas Sweater - Image by Mike De Sisti

Saturday, December 10th, 2016

Join in on the fun of “Ugly Christmas Sweaters!”
Downtown Waukesha shops & restaurants are holding
Ugly Christmas Sweater Specials and Parties
all day long for those who sport these festive beauties!

Join in on the fun and savings!

Ugly Christmas Sweater_2 - Image by Mike De Sisti

Waukesha’s 2016 Ugly Christmas Sweater Saturday Specials:

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Interesting Facts on the History of Ugly Christmas Sweaters
Did you know that ugly Christmas sweaters have been around since after WWII, when knitters first incorporated snowflakes and moose into their sweater patterns? However, hideous holiday versions only began to sprout up in the past few decades.

Ugly Christmas sweater parties gained popularity when, in 2002 some college kids decided to wear their mom’s sweaters to a themed house party in Vancouver, Canada called an ‘Ugly Christmas Sweater Party’.

The telltale signs of an ugly sweater include abundant use of green and red, absurdly large depictions of reindeer, snowmen, and Christmas trees, and any sort of pom-pom or felt ornamentation.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Saturday in Waukesha, WI